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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald-cut diamonds are one of the most elegant and sophisticated diamond cuts available. This classic and tailored cut has been popular for decades, and it continues to be a timeless choice for engagement rings and other special pieces of jewelry.

The emerald cut gets its name from the way it was originally used for emeralds, with long, rectangular facets and cut corners. The emerald cut diamond has the same faceting pattern, with long, linear facets that create a hall of mirrors effect when viewed from the top. This faceting pattern creates a unique, understated elegance that makes it a favorite among those who prefer a more tailored and sophisticated look.

Most emerald-cut diamonds have a length-to-width ratio ranging from 1.30 to 1.50, which creates the traditional rectangular shape. However, they can also be found in square shapes or elongated rectangles, depending on the diamond’s proportions.

When it comes to choosing an emerald cut diamond, the faceting, and cut are the most important factors. A well-cut/faceted, emerald-cut diamond should have clean, straight lines, with a deep pavilion and a large table. The depth and symmetry of the facets are critical to creating the hall of mirrors effect that makes the emerald cut so unique and beautiful.

In addition to its timeless elegance, the emerald cut is also a great choice for those looking for a diamond with a larger appearance. The elongated shape of the diamond can make it appear larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight.

In conclusion, the emerald-cut diamond is a classic and sophisticated choice that will never go out of style. With its clean lines, unique faceting pattern, and understated elegance, it’s a popular choice for engagement rings and other special pieces of jewelry. Whether you prefer a rectangular or square shape, a well-cut emerald-cut diamond will provide the brilliance and sparkle that make diamonds so alluring.

Recently Lab Created Diamonds have come down in price. You can buy a good quality Lab Diamond for a fraction of the cost of a Natural Diamond.

We offer both Natural and Lab-grown diamonds for any budget.

Approximate Prices for Natural Diamonds:

2-4+ carats, EFG color, VVS-SI1 in clarity- $12,000-$150,000+

4-7+ carats, EFG color, VVS-SI1 in clarity- $60,000-$350,000+

7-20 carats, EFG color, VVS-VS in clarity-$350,000-1M+

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

2-4+ carats, EFG color, VVS-VS in clarity- $2,000-$6,000+

4-7+ carats, EFG color, VVS-VS in clarity- $6,000-$10,000+

7-20 carats, EFG color, VVS-VS in clarity- $10,000-$25,000+

*We also offer less expensive natural diamonds, this price chart is only for price comparison.

Please call or email to discuss quality, design, and price. We can custom-make any ring design you prefer.





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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings