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 What to say to your girlfriend when she asks if her diamond ring is too flashy……

The second largest diamond ever mined was recently discovered this past fall in Botswana by the Lucara Diamond Corp. The 1,111 carat rough stone is gem quality which is extremely rare. The last big find of this caliber was from the Cullinan mine in South Africa when a 3,106 ct diamond was found in 1905.

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Why is it great to be the daughter of a Chinese crook…..

The Blue Moon,  which is the 12.03 ct fancy vivid blue internally flawless cushion cut diamond, sold for 48.5 M last month at Sotheby’s Geneva, to Joseph Lau. This is a new world record for a diamond, selling for 4M+ per carat.
Lau spent a total of 77m for a pink and blue diamond for his 7 year old daughter, renaming the stones to “The Blue Moon of Josephine” and “Sweet Josephine”.  In 2009, he also bought a 9.75 ct blue diamond for 33M and a 10ct Ruby for 8.4M for his other daughter Zoe. Lau is certainly raising the bar for their future son in laws!

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