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Sotheby’s sold a pair of fancy colored-diamond earrings for $57.4 million in Geneva last week , setting yet another world record for FCD’s and for one pair of earrings!
The two pear-shaped diamonds, similar in shape and size yet blue and pink in color were sold separately but the same anonymous buyer purchased both. One stone, weighing 14.54 carats, fancy vivid blue, internally flawless diamond, sold for $42.1 million ($2.9 M per carat). The other stone, a 16 ct., fancy intense pink, VVS2-clarity diamond, fetched $15.3 million ($958,636 per ct.). 

The auctioneer said the buyer had renamed the blue diamond “The Memory of Autumn Leaves” and had called the pink one “The Dream of Autumn Leaves.” However, Sotheby’s said the stones had not been relabeled for the time being and were keeping their original names, the “Apollo Blue” and the “Artemis Pink.”

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Sotheby’s also sold a modified rectangular brilliant-cut, 7.04-carat, fancy intense purplish pink, VS1-clarity diamond for $13.2 million ($1.9 M per carat), which is a record per-carat value price for that color and clarity combination.  

Significant fancy colored diamonds continue to soar in value which seems to be a trend in both elite fashion and investment diversification.

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