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Should have, Could have, Would have…..

Friends and business colleagues recently sold their Vivid Blue Diamond at the Christies auction in Geneva last week. We are happy for their investment and profit on the Oppenheimer Blue, weighing 14.60 cts, selling for $57.5 M (3.9M per ct), which is the most expensive diamond ever to be sold at auction!
Originally owned by Philip Oppenheimer, the late chairman of the De Beers diamond cartel, illustrates how beautiful and important this diamond truly is.



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If you prefer Pinks over Blues…

Sothebys, Geneva also set a record of 175.1M for any jewelry auction worldwide. The 15.38 ct Fancy Vivid Unique Pink sold for $31.6M  becoming the most expensive Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond to sell at auction. The stone combines a rare pink color, is type II A and has exceptional clarity and shape.
Fancy Color Diamonds, especially Blues and Pinks  continue to escalate and sell for record breaking prices even in this soft economy.



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