Unlocking the World of a Jewelry Concierge and Consultant

What is a Jewelry Concierge?

Some one who can give you one-on-one service and attend to all of you Jewelry desires and needs.

Heidi Ortman-Sheff offers a bespoke experience for those seeking custom jewelry. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a unique piece that reflects your individuality, Heidi can turn that dream into a reality. She will work directly with you at all stages of the production process, from picking out the perfect gemstone to the finished jewelry masterpiece.

Heidi isn’t just an expert in the evaluation of diamonds, precious stones, and jewelry; she’s a living testament to the legacy of a 120-year-old, family-owned, wholesale business, renowned for its knowledge, service, and expertise. The Ortman family’s commitment to quality and excellence runs through Heidi’s veins, and she proudly carries this legacy forward with integrity and precision. “After 40 years of working in this industry, I have premium sources worldwide to insure the best value and/or rarest diamonds and gemstones. In addition, my passion is design, so I can help guide you to create a unique piece that reflects your individuality and taste.”

What is Jewelry Consulting?

Jewelry consulting is a customized service that offers personalized guidance and expertise in the realm of jewelry and precious gemstones.

In today’s ever-fluctuating market, the value of your jewelry and precious stones may vary due to economic shifts. It’s like having your own trusted advisor, a connoisseur of all things sparkly and luxurious, to help you make informed decisions about buying, selling, or appraising jewelry. Imagine having the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge about diamonds, colored gemstones, and estate jewelry, all tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

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Jack Ortman

Why Consult with Heidi?

In the world of jewelry consulting, few names shine as brightly as Heidi Ortman-Sheff.

Her lineage stems from a fourth-generation, diamond and estate jewelry, family-owned company that was established in 1899 by her great- grandfather, Julius Ortman. 

Starting in 1985, Heidi was fortunate to work with and learn from her grandfather, Jack Ortman, for 5 years before he passed away. She then took over the  family business in 1990 and continues to run it today in Boca Raton, Fl.

“I have been around important and rare gemstones and jewelry since I was a young girl growing up in NY. I still remember putting on a Diamond Tiara and running around my grandfather’s office when I was 6 years old. Being surrounded by beautiful jewelry and gems has always been a part of my life and is instilled in my blood”

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Connect with Heidi Ortman-Sheff

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Heidi Ortman-Sheff

Your trusted guide through the enchanting world of Jewelry & Gemstones

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